SKXPro Charging Cradles

SKXPro Charging Cradles

1-Slot Charging Cradle

The SKXPro 1-Slot Charging Cradle creates a simple charging dock to drop the rugged phone and barcode sled into for fast and secure charging via pogo pins. Each cradle features a slot for an extended battery, too, to make sure you never run out of power.

5-Slot Charging Cradle

Have more than one SXKPro Barcode SmartSleds for your business? The 5-slot Galaxy SKXPro Charging Cradle is the ideal docking station to collect them. The streamlined design enables a full charging station so your business can stay charged at all times.

These cradles are ideal for charging the SKXPro SmartSled.

Charging Cradles for the Samsung XCover Pro are available in 1-slot and 5-slot models to charge your rugged phone without the SmartSled barcode scanner.

Model NamePart NumberMSRP
SKXPro 1-Slot Charging Cradle for US896344$149.00
SKXPro 5-Slot Charging Cradle for US896354$499.00
SKXPro 1-Slot Charging Cradle for EU896341$149.00
SKXPro 5-Slot Charging Cradle for EU896351$499.00
SKXPro 1-Slot Charging Cradle for UK896342$149.00
SKXPro 5-Slot Charging Cradle for UK896352$499.00
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