KOAMTAC Data Collector KDC Batteries

KDC Batteries

Various Sizes to Fit All KDCs

Keeping your KDC charged is essential to keeping your business collecting data with ease. We recommend all KDC Batteries be replaced each year to ensure optimum operating. KDC batteries are easy to replace through either a special compartment or just unscrewing a few screws. KDC batteries are full of power and can last from several days to up to one month depending on the connection and mode.


Type: Lithium-Polymer
KDC Models: KDC20, KDC100, KDC200
Life: More than one month in sleep mode


Type: Lithium-Ion
KDC Models: KDC30, KDC270, KDC280, KDC300
Life: Several days with Bluetooth connection

1130mAh Hardpack

Type: Lithium-Ion
KDC Models: KDC350-R2, KDC470, KDC475
Life: TBD


Type: Lithium-Ion
KDC Models: KDC350, KDC400
Life: TBD


Type: Lithium-Ion
KDC Models: Extended Battery Companion for KDC470, KDC475, and Smart Charging Case
Read More About Extended Battery Companion


Type: Lithium-Ion
KDC Models: Pistol Grip Companion for KDC470/KDC475
Read More About Pistol Grip Companion and Battery

Model NamePart NumberMSRP
KDC20/100/200 200mAh Battery674500$20.00
KDC180 1010mAh Hardpack Battery699830$20.00
KDC30/270/300 650mAh Battery699700$20.00
KDC350R2 1130mAh Hardpack Battery699200$30.00
KDC350/400 1200mAh Battery699800$20.00
KDCSLED 2000mAh Extended Battery896400$99.00
KDC Pistol Grip 6000mAh Battery699820$99.00

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