XCover5 Charging Cradles

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Charging Cradles


Don’t risk damaging the charging ports on your XCover 5 by frequently plugging and unplugging a charging cord. The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Charging Cradles from KOAMTAC can help to quickly and safely charge your device. The 1-slot charging cradle is a simple charging dock that you drop the XCover 5 into for fast and secure charging via pogo pins.


Have multiple Galaxy XCover 5 phones? The 5-slot Galaxy XCover 5 Charging Cradle is the ideal docking station to simultaneously charge them. The streamlined design enables a full charging station so your business can stay charged at all times. 

Charging Cradles for SKX5 Barcode SmartSled for XCover 5

The SKX5 Barcode SmartSled Charging Cradles come in both 1-slot and 5-slot models and are ideal for charging the fully integrated data collection solution.

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