KDC Finger Trigger Glove

The KDC200/KDC250/KDC300/KDC350 Finger Trigger Glove is the lightest, most economical wearable barcode scanning solution on the market. The finger trigger glove enhances the user’s data collection process and does not require an external power source. The lightest ring scanner solution is also completely wireless.

Gloves are available for the left and right hand.
Sizes range small, medium, and large for KDC200/KDC250/KDC300/KDC350.

Scroll down for a 360° view of the Finger Trigger Glove with KDC200, KDC300, and KDC350

Bluetooth barcode scanner KDC200 FTG Adaptor Android iOS Windows iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Galaxy

KDC Finger Trigger Glove & Charging Cradle Adaptor

The KDC finger trigger glove & charging cradle adaptor are designed for the KDC200/300. The adaptor enables users to diversify their charging options. The adaptor comes in two models, both available for the KDC200 and the KDC300.

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360° View

KDC200 with Finger Trigger Glove

KDC300 with Finger Trigger Glove

KDC350 with Finger Trigger Glove