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KDC350-R2 무선 바코드 스캐너

The KDC350-R2 is discontinued and has been replaced with the KDC380.

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The KDC350 wireless scanner provides Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone, tablet, or PC and optional Wi-Fi connectivity to a server. The KDC350 also optionally supports Near Field Communication (NFC). With an IP65-rating, OLED display, and a 19-key alphanumeric keypad, it is one of the unique and rugged products KOAMTAC has to offer. The KDC350 comes complete with an easy-to-replace rechargeable battery that can recharge from any USB port. With 8MB of onboard memory that stores over 400,000 barcodes, memory shortages are no longer a concern. A built-in display & keypad eliminate blind erroneous data collections and enables interactive data collection processes.