Protective Charging Cases (KPCC)

Protection, Cradle-Charging, and Extended Battery capabilities for ANY phone

The KOAMTAC Protective Charging Cases add extra protection to your smartphone while also adding the ability to charge via Charging Cradle. With one simple adaptor, the 2,000 mAh Extended Battery pack can be added to ensure lasting power even with the most battery-draining apps.

Three varieties to make sure you can add protection and extra battery life to any Android, iOS, or Windows phone.

Custom Protective Charging Case
These cases, specially created for the Samsung XCover4 and XCover4s smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 tablet,  enable charging cradle capabilities with the KDC470 Charging Cradle. Additionally, you can add an Extended Battery companion to these cases to help power your phone through even the longest day.

OtterBox uniVERSE Case with Charging and Extended Battery
OtterBox is known for creating some of the most durable protective cases on the market today. We’re proud to partner with them to offer diverse charging and power options via the Universe adapter to create a protective charging case. When using an Otterbox uniVERSE case system and KOAMTAC uniVERSE Case Adaptor, you can now charge using a Charging Cradle or add an Extended Battery!

Any third-party Case with Charging and Extended Battery
Any case can be turned into a protective charging case with the Universal Case Adaptor. We are happy to work with any case you may already have or work with you to find the right case for your needs. Regardless of the case, when combined with the adaptor, you will now be able to charge your phone using a Charging Cradle or add an Extended Battery for extra power!

Model NamePart NumberMSRP
KPCC-XCover4 Protective Charging Case380820$99.00
KPCC-XCover4s Protective Charging Case380821$99.00
KPCC-GTA2 Galaxy Tab Active2 Protective Charging Case380935$149.00
KPCC-GUA General Universal Adaptor for Protective Charging380825$79.00
KPCC-OUA Otterbox Universe Adaptor for Protective Charging380830$79.00
KPCC-OUA 20pin Otterbox uniVERSE Adaptor for Protective Charging380831$79.00

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