KDC80 Barcode Scanner

KDC80 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

1D Laser or CCD Bluetooth Barcode Data Collector

The KDC80 is the successor to the widely popular KDC200 Barcode Scanner. With features including Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, an upgraded laser or CCD engine, and a Type-C USB port, the KDC80 is a overall improvement over the KDC200 and other entry level scanners.

The KDC80 is available with a laser or CCD scan engine capable of reading all major 1D barcode symbologies. 5MB of on-board memory can store up to 262,000 UPS product barcodes and allows basic applications to run right on the device. An LED indicator quickly relays important scanning feedback to the user along with an OLED display. Lightweight and ergonomic, the KDC80 is easily operated in hand and can be worn on a lanyard.

BLE 5.0 connectivity enables fast and simple data transfer to smartphones, smart watches, and other smart devices. The KDC80 also features NFC Pairing for Android devices. 

The KDC80 comes with KTSync® software and SDK for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. KTSync includes a keyboard wedging feature, application generation, DB lookup, inventory management, and KDC configuration features. SDK provides technical support from our top engineers and development team.