Cunas de carga KOAMTAC KDC470

KDC SmartSled Charging Cradles

The Best Way to Charge Your KDC470, KDC475, KDC480, and KDC485

KDC SmartSled Charging Cradles are uniquely designed to charge your KDC470/475/480/485. When combined with a SmartSled Custom Case for Integrated Charging or a Universe Case Adapter, your smartphone or tablet will charge at the same time.

The 1-slot Charging Cradle comes with 2 USB Ports to enable charging of multiple other devices and a spot to charge a back-up battery for the KDC470 (2.7V DC, 1130mAh Lithium-Ion) or the Extended Battery Companion. Additional models are available for 1.0W UHF Reader with Pistol Grip.

The 4-slot Charging Cradle is the ideal charging option for a large team equipped with KDC SmartSled Scanners. Charge up to four at the same time.