KoamTac Upgrades KDC400 Sled Line with NFC and Charging Cradle

Princeton, NJ, November 14, 2013 – KoamTac, Inc., has added new features improving usability and convenience to its KDC®400 sled line, already one of the most popular offerings from the Princeton-based manufacturer of linear and 2-dimensional image-based Bluetooth®bar code scanners and card readers made for smartphones and tablets.

KoamTac 400-Series sleds convert smartphones and tablets into enterpriseready data collection and transaction terminals. As more and more companies turn to commercial devices to solve their data collection needs, the range of use-cases seen by KoamTac has increased exponentially. Among the most popular demand for a broader range of accessories is a drop-in battery charging cradle. Accordingly, KoamTac has upgraded its entire line of KDC400-Series sleds to work with its KDC400 charge cradle.

In addition to charge cradle compatibility, the KDC400 bar code and magnetic stripe readers are now also available with Near Field Communication (NFC) readers. NFC facilitates applications such as contactless payment and electronic ticketing, popular for use in public transit.

“As I travel throughout the world, I am constantly listening to the voices of our current and future clients to understand what they want and need,” said Dr. Hanjin Lee, president and CEO of KoamTac.

“That’s why we’re taking one of our most popular models and making it even better. We are not content to rest on our laurels; instead, we are continuously looking for new ways to improve our devices by adding even more usability features and integrating the demands of new technology.”

These newest upgrades are joined by an additional on-board 5-pin micro USB connector, which is compatible with most major smartphone USB cables. The additional port provides “pass-through” charging from the KDC400 to its smartphone companion.

“It’s all about convenience,” said Dr. Lee. “Our original offering required two different cables for charging, one for the smartphone and one for the KDC, which some customers found inconvenient. Now with our optional drop-in charger and pass-through charging, both devices charge from a single AC source. The addition of NFC to certain models means that by choosing the KDC400 sled line, our clients have an entire world of bar code scanning options
available to them, literally, at their fingertips.”

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