KDC180 Front

Lecteur de codes-barres Bluetooth KDC180

Imageur 2D Collecteur de données de codes-barres Bluetooth

The compact and lightweight KDC180 is designed with the KOAMTAC Ring Trigger or Safety Glove in mind to create the perfect wearable solution for your business. The scanner can also be used as a peripheral/handheld scanner without wearable functionality.

A 1″ OLED display along with a set of 5 programmable LED indicators provides scan feedback to the user. The KDC180 is available in models including inductive (wireless) charging, UHF tag reading, and an alphanumeric keyboard. KDC180 models are equipped with 2D imager scan engines capable of reading all major barcode symbologies and offer three different read ranges: standard range (KDC180H), medium range (KDC180MR), and extended range (KDC180ER). Also, the KDC180 features a removable battery, allowing you to easily swap batteries on the fly!

Le KDC180 est livré avec le logiciel KTSync® et le SDK pour les appareils Android, iOS et Windows. KTSync comprend une fonction de calage du clavier, la génération d'applications, la consultation des bases de données, la gestion des stocks et les fonctions de configuration du KDC. Le SDK fournit une assistance technique assurée par nos meilleurs ingénieurs et notre équipe de développement.