KDC380 Wireless Barcode Scanner

1D and 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner and Data Collector with Optional Wi-Fi and NFC Connectivity

The KDC380 wireless scanner provides Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone, tablet, or PC and optional Wi-Fi connectivity to a server. The KDC380 also optionally supports Near Field Communication (NFC). With an IP65-rating, OLED display, and a 19-key alphanumeric keypad, it is one of the unique and rugged products KOAMTAC has to offer.

Coming in 1D CDD, 1D Laser and 2D Imager models, the KDC380 is able to read all major symbologies. The KDC380 also offers 2D models suited for three different read ranges: standard range (KDC380C), medium range (KDC380MR), and extended range (KDC380ER). This provides businesses with the flexibility to choose the best option for their scanning needs, whether it’s scanning up close or from a greater distance.

The KDC380 comes complete with an easy-to-replace rechargeable battery that can recharge from any USB port. With 5MB of onboard memory that stores over 400,000 barcodes, memory shortages are no longer a concern. A built-in display & keypad eliminate blind erroneous data collections and enables interactive data collection processes.