KOAMTAC Erweiterter Akku-Begleiter für KDC470 KDC475 Barcode-Schlittenscanner-Schutzladekoffer

Erweiterter Batterie-Begleiter

for KDC SmartSled Scanners

The Extended Battery Companion is the best way to ensure your phone never runs out of juice. Eliminating the need to charge batteries when going from shift to shift or in the middle of a long one, the extra capacity provided by the Extended Battery Companion will help your smart device and KDC stay charged. For use with or without a barcode scanner (compatible with KDC470, KDC475, KDC480, and KDC485), this extended battery pack is sleek and full of power.

Both the KDC SmartSled battery and Extended Battery companion will charge simultaneously when connected and charging via Micro USB or Charging Cradle. Use a SmartSled Custom Case or Case Adaptor and your device’s battery will charge, too. LED indicators located on the back of the battery let you know the status of your Extended Battery Companion with a quick glance. A hand strap on the back helps ensure the safety and security of your phone during your busy day, reducing accidental slips and falls (though it can withstand a 5′ drop). In addition to the shock absorption, the Extended Battery is IP65 rated for dust and water resistance.

Also available for SKX SmartSled scanners.