KOAMTAC Releases the SKX6Pro SmartSled®, the Newest Barcode Sled Scanner for the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro

The SKX6Pro SmartSled® is the latest sled-styled data collector in the SKX® line of products from KOAMTAC. The SKX6Pro is built specifically for the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro, transforming your smartphone into an all-in-one barcode scanner with options including RFID reading, mobile Point-of-Sale companions, charging, and power solutions.

KOAMTAC® Inc., a leading ConvergedScanTM solution provider including software barcode decoder, Bluetooth companion barcode scanners, barcode Sleds, RFID Sleds, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solutions, and enterprise charging solutions, has created dedicated data collecting and charging solutions for the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro.

The SKX6Pro is the newest compact and powerful SmartSled® scanning solution specifically engineered for use with the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro. The SKX6Pro provides fast and reliable barcode scanning abilities, compatibility with an array of companions and accessories, a rugged IP67 design, and excellent development tools—making the SKX6Pro the definitive data-collection device for today’s market.

Built upon the tried-and-tested SKX® modular platform, the SKX6Pro provides an outstanding barcode scanning experience with standard-range, middle-range, and extended-range options. The SKX6Pro features a fully integrated case equipped with a powerful 2D imager scan engine with laser aimer that reads all major barcode symbologies. Multiple scan engine options allow the user to choose the proper scanner for various barcode scanning operations. The SKX6Pro can be equipped with the following 2D Imager engines: the Honeywell N6703 for standard-range reading or the latest Honeywell N6803MR or N6803FR for middle or extended read ranges, respectively. Barcode scanning is conveniently triggered by pressing either of the ergonomically placed scan buttons on the sides of the SmartSled. Seamless communication and data transfer between the SKX6Pro and XCover6 Pro is achieved via a physical USB OTG connection.

“With the Samsung release of the XCover6 Pro, we have also released our latest addition to the SKX family of SmartSled Barcode scanners. The SKX6Pro enhances the XCover6 Pro with barcode, RFID, mPOS, and charging capabilities, allowing your business to strengthen its ConvergedScan architecture through adding a Sled solution with various options.” said Dr. Hanjin Lee, President of KOAMTAC.

Like all SKX SmartSled scanners, the SKX6Pro can be equipped with powerful SmartSled companions. 0.5W or 1.0W UHF Reader Companions enhance your SmartSled with short or long-range UHF reading capabilities. The 2,000mAh Extended Battery Companion and Pistol Grip Companion (optional 6,000mAh battery) increase your phone’s overall battery capacity. Lastly, the SLED-MSRIC and SLED-mPOS companions add magnetic stripe/IC card reading or payment card reading, respectively.

To ensure that your devices are always charged and ready for the day’s tasks, KOAMTAC also offers individual and enterprise-level charging solutions for power on-the-go. The XCover device’s internal battery is efficient enough to power the SmartSled for all operational tasks, but when it is time to charge, the KOAMTAC SKX6Pro charging cradles charge the XCover6 Pro without the need to remove it from the SmartSled. Our SKX6Pro charging cradles are available in single or multi-slot configurations and utilize specific spacers that allow for the charging of the SKX6Pro with or without the Protective Boot and 2,000mAh Extended Batteries.

Complement your SKX6Pro charging cradles with additional power solutions designed for the XCover6 Pro when not being used with the SmartSled. KOAMTAC charging cradles for XCover6 Pro charge smartphones and spare batteries and are available in single and multi-slot variations. 4-Slot and 20-Slot XCover6 Pro Battery Charging cradles are also available.

KOAMTAC will demonstrate the SKX6Pro at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show in New York City, January 15-17, at booth 3146. Participants who would like to schedule a demo ahead of time may contact the team at info@koamtac.com or via phone at 609-256-4700.