KOAMTAC Extends Interfacing Options with New Web-Based Upgrades to Customer Support

On the heels of the Web SDK, KOAMTAC has increased its customer service offerings to better serve KDC® and SKX® users, with options like KTSync® Web, KDC Diagnostics, and a Special Barcodes repository.

KOAMTAC® Inc., a leading ConvergedScanTM solution provider including software barcode decoder, Bluetooth companion barcode scanners, barcode Sleds, RFID Sleds, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solutions, and enterprise charging solutions, enhanced their koamtac.com website with convenient support options to better serve new and existing KDC® and SKX® customers.

The first new addition is KTSync® Web, a web-based version of the KTSync application. KTSync Web enables users to manage their KDC scanner’s data, settings, and features from a compatible web browser. The web application communicates with the KDC via Bluetooth or USB and allows users to read, store, and download collected data. It also provides access to crucial functions such as erasing the KDC memory, adding additional info to scanned data, adjusting data delimiters, and selecting barcode symbologies. All actions happen within a secure HTTPS environment for customer safety.

Next, KOAMTAC introduced the KDC Diagnostics tool. KDC Diagnostics allows users to view vital information about your KDC including serial number, firmware version, memory status, battery capacity, and more. If a user is running outdated firmware, KDC Diagnostics can analyze the KDC firmware version and assist the user in updating it. Other functions include symbology, scanning, data processing, HID, and KDC system options. KDC Diagnostics only supports BLE-equipped KDC scanners.

The last new addition is the self-serve Special Barcodes Online Directory. The directory provides all KDC and SKX operational barcodes in a central, easy-to-navigate location. Special barcodes are used to set up, configure, or adjust settings and features for KDC or SKX devices. Users can search for specific barcodes or favorite frequently used barcodes. Additionally, special barcodes can be exported to PDF files or printed. To use a special barcode, users scan the desired barcode directly from the screen or a printed document, depending on the device scan engine.

“Now more than ever, customers require fast, easy, and convenient customer support” said Dr. Hanjin Lee, President of KOAMTAC. “By implementing new customer services options to the KOAMTAC website, we can better serve our customers’ needs through self-serve options like KDC Diagnostics and the Special Barcodes library and full-service options like Remote Desktop.”

If you have any questions or would like to know more, you may contact the team at info@koamtac.com or via phone at 609-256-4700.