KOAMTAC Unveils Newly Designed and Environmentally-Friendly Charging Solutions for the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro

Safely, securely, and speedily charge XCover6 Pro smartphones and batteries in convenient KOAMTAC single- and multi-slot charging cradles.

KOAMTAC® Inc., a leading ConvergedScanTM solution provider including software barcode decoder, Bluetooth companion barcode scanners, barcode Sleds, RFID Sleds, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solutions, and enterprise charging solutions, debuted the latest line of XCover6 Pro charging cradles.

The newest smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy XCover line requires the latest and greatest accessories. KOAMTAC XCover6 Pro charging cradles provide a simple charging dock for large and small device fleets alike. KOAMTAC has retooled and improved upon its charging cradle design for the XCover6 Pro, including a modular spacer system for mixing-and-matching charging slots—a feature not present on legacy XCover cradles where slots are fixed. By leveraging the spacer system, subsequent device releases will no longer require replacing the entire cradle solution, resulting in a 70% reduction in plastic waste generation. The flexibility gained through the modular spacer system allows KOAMTAC to offer a wider range of cradle configurations.

All KOAMTAC charging cradles are designed to efficiently utilize space and eliminate extraneous cords. All devices fit securely into the cradle ensuring a stable charging environment—avoiding accidental damage while charging. Cradles are equipped with LED indicators to display charging status and include enhanced security features like temperature detection, a drain spout, and charge-out timer. Additionally, all charging is provided via pogo pins, which means less wear-and-tear on device ports. All XCover6 Pro charging cradles support Fast Charging.

Multiple default configurations are offered and cover most users’ charging needs. The XCover6 Pro & OEM Battery 1-Slot Charging Cradle charges one XCover6 Pro and one spare OEM battery, while the XCover6 Pro & OEM Battery 5-Slot Charging Cradle simultaneously charges up to five phones and up to five batteries. The XCover6 Pro 2-Slot Charging Cradle simultaneously charges up to two phones, while the XCover6 Pro 10-Slot Charging Cradle simultaneously charges up to ten phones. If the user only needs battery charging, KOAMTAC also offers 4-Slot and 20-Slot XCover6 Pro Battery Chargers as well as individual XCover6 Pro 4050mAh original batteries.

“Our charging cradles are the perfect power accessory for those looking to save counter space and minimize the clutter caused by charging cables. KOAMTAC cradles simultaneously charge your devices from just a single power source. And, through using the modular spacer system, users future-proof their charging cradles for future devices—just swap spacers” said Dr. Hanjin Lee, President of KOAMTAC.

Additionally, KOAMTAC has created charging Cradles and a 4050mAh Extended Battery Pack for the XCover6 Pro Samsung Case. The cradles allow the XCover6 Pro to be charged without removing it from the Samsung Case and are available in double and multi-slot configurations. For added battery capacity, the 4050mAh Extended Battery Pack attached directly to the Samsung Case enabling users to get the most battery life from their XCover6 Pro. Multiple charging cradle configurations are available that support charging the XCover6 Pro Samsung Case Extended Battery Pack.
Lastly, if a business upgrades to SKX6Pro SmartSled scanners for data collection, the XCover6 Pro charging cradle can be upgraded to support the sled solution.

KOAMTAC will display the XCover6 Pro charging solutions at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show in New York City, January 15-17, at booth 3146. Participants who would like to schedule a demo ahead of time may contact the team at info@koamtac.com or via phone at 609-256-4700.