Transportation and Logistics

For any transportation or logistics enterprise, large or small, the high cost of implementing, upgrading, or replacing an Auto-ID solution can seem insurmountable. At KOAMTAC, we remove that obstacle. Our dedication to the design, development, and implementation of sophisticated Auto-ID solutions allows your business to thrive.

Our KDCs are rugged, ergonomically-designed barcode collection devices supporting high-performance laser and imager technology that work in tandem with today’s leading PCs, PDAs, and smartphones to provide sophisticated Auto-ID solutions for managing couriers, packages, deliveries, and shipments worldwide.

Designed for integration with the latest GPS and 3G wireless technologies, features and functionality of the KDC stand out when compared to legacy or industrial solutions.

High performance yet cost-effective, KOAMTAC’s KDC products provide your clients an added advantage by eliminating the high maintenance and service costs synonymous with legacy solutions. Our versatile solutions mean that companies can keep up with quickly evolving smartphones and tablets without having to invest each time in new barcode data and card reader technologies. Find out how KOAMTAC’s smart accessories for smartphones and tablets can result in smart savings for your clients.

KOAMTAC’s KDC200 and KDC250 Help Korea’s Top Four Major Couriers Deliver Packages on Time and Deliver Real-Time Information to Clients