KDC185 Ring trigger
KDC185 Safety Glove Top copy

KDC185 Ring Trigger and Safety Glove

KDC185 Ring Trigger

While the KDC180 Ring Trigger is worn on two fingers, the KDC185 Ring Trigger is worn only on a single finger. The KDC185 Ring Trigger is ambidextrous,  is worn on index finger, and features a scan button that is operated by thumb. The Ring Trigger makes data collection faster and more efficiently while not requiring an external power source or any other peripherals. The Ring Trigger is ideal for users who need full use of their hands but also may want to easily remove the scanner for any reason (such as sorting through a bin of products). The KDC185 can easily be swapped between the Ring Trigger and the Safety Glove

KDC185 Safety Glove


The KDC185 Safety Glove is a lightweight and flexible glove constructed of durable and cut-resistant yarn. The Safety Glove can be comfortably worn on a bare hand or over a work/winter glove. The KDC185 securely snaps into place on the back side of the palm. A scan button is located on the side of the index finger and can be operated by thumb. The compact size and light weight of the KDC on top of the hand reduces strain and interference when carrying or sorting through objects increasing ease of use and productivity. 

*Gloves are available for the left and right hand.
*Sizes include small and large.