KDC185 Charging Cradles

Safe and Secure Charging for Your KDC185

KOAMTAC KDC185 Charging Cradles are a fast and simple method to charge your KDC185 scanners. With 2-slot and 10-slot configurations, this charging solution can be easily scales for small or large teams. Our 2-Slot Charging Cradle can charge two KDC185 scanners and spare KDC185 batteries, while the 10-Slot Charging Cradle can charges up to ten KDC185 scanners and spare KDC185 batteries.  

Each cradle includes the necessary spacers and brackets required to charge the KDC185 with/without the KDC185 Protective Boot and KDC185 Ring Trigger. KDC185 Charging Cradles utilize pogo pins for optimal charging of your devices and batteries without worrying about wear and tear on your device’s port.