Barcode Scanners

The Barcode Scanner collection by KOAMTAC features popular models such as the Bluetooth Low Energy KDC180 with a social distancing feature, the KDC350 advanced scanner series that are perfect for healthcare environments, and SmartSled® scanning solutions like the KDC470 and SKX seriesKOAMTAC barcode scanner products are split into two categories: Companions Scanners and SmartSleds.

Every KOAMTAC companion barcode scanner is compatible with Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), Mac OS X, and Windows devices and comes with a complimentary KTSync keyboard wedging and application generation software and SDK as well as unparalleled technical support. Superior scanning performance, 8MB of onboard data, and diverse Bluetooth profiles such as HID, SPP, and MFi are just a few aspects of every KOAMTAC companion barcode scanner that make them leaders in Auto-Identification.

KOAMTAC SmartSled Scanners are the ideal enterprise sleds to work with your team’s mobile device of choice. There are SmartSled® cases available for most Android and iOS devices. This means whether you’re using a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPod, iPhone, or iPad, there’s a SmartSled data collection solution that’s ideal for you. Case options and accessories are available for Bluetooth and direct serial connection, as well as simultaneous charging. As a bonus, all SmartSled scanners have a variety of companions for RFID reading, mobile point of sale, MSR card reading, increased battery power, and improved ergonomics as well as Charging Cradles for between one and five sled scanner solutions. All SmartSleds come in models to read 1D and 2D barcodes.

Companion Scanners & Wearables

KDC8 Software Decoder

Software Decoder

Kdc80 no boot

1D Laser or 1D CCD
Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

KOAMTAC KDC180 Wearable Companion Barcode Scanner

2D Imager
Wearable Barcode Scanner

KDC185 front

Wearable Mini Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

KDC280 Bluetooth Low Energy Barcode Scanner BLE Barcode Scanner 1D Laser 1D CCD 2D Imager 1D Scanner 2D Scanner

1D Laser or CCD, 2D Imager
Bluetooth Low Energy Scanner

1D or 2D
Wireless Barcode Scanner with optional NFC and Wi-Fi.

Safety Gloves
& Ring Scanners

KOAMTAC Discontinued Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Discontinued KDC Scanners

SmartSled® Scanners

1D or 2D
Modular SmartSled Scanners


Integrated SmartSled for the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

SKX5 Front and back

Integrated SmartSled for the Samsung Galaxy XCover5

Integrated SmartSled for the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro