KDC185 front

KDC185 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Wearable Mini Bluetooth Barcode Scanner & Data Collector

Designed to be worn on a single finger, the KDC185 is ultra-compact, lightweight, and puts the power of a KDC at your fingertip. The device integrates effortlessly with the KDC185 Ring Trigger or Safety Glove and features a 0.66″ OLED display that relays scanning feedback to the user with a pair of LED indicators. The KDC185 can read all common 1D or 2D barcodes, even in fast moving environments thanks to global shutter imaging technology.

The KDC185 features Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0 to enable faster and simpler connection methods for use with smart watches, smart glasses, and other smart devices. It also features instant pairing options including NFC pairing, and easy-to-use pairing barcodes. 

The KDC185 is IP65-rated as well as as dust tight and water resistant.  When equipped with a protective rubber boot it has a 6′ drop spec. Advanced power management puts the KDC in “hibernation mode” when not actively in use, allowing for optimal battery life.