KDC1000 + 0.5W UHF Reader
XCover7_KDC1100 + 0.5W UHF Reader

HF Reader Companion

For KDC1000 & KDC1100 SmartSled®

The HF Reader Companion seamlessly integrates barcode scanning and HF and NFC reading into the KDC1000/1100 SmartSled, providing an all-in-one solution for businesses merging barcode and RFID technologies. With single-handed operation, it simplifies data collection and caters to NFC reader needs without the hassle of juggling multiple devices. 

This robust solution interacts seamlessly with various HF standards and NFC, empowering users across transportation systems, access control, asset tracking, and more. Connectivity remains reliable with Bluetooth SPP, USB-OTG, or serial connection options, enabling users to effortlessly maximize the potential of the SmartSled for efficient data collection in diverse environments