KOAMTAC KDC Handstraps

KDC Hand Straps

KDC400 Hand Strap

The KDC400 Hand Strap is a simple strap that attaches directly to the KDC. Every KDC400 scanner (KDC470/475/480/485), has a strap hole built in that’s perfect for looping the strap through. Users can put their hand through the hand strap and allow it to sit around their wrist while they hold the KDC400 series scanner ensuring security from accidental slips that would otherwise result in drops.

KDC400 Tablet Hand Strap

The KDC400 Tablet Hand Strap provides the same safety and security as the KDC400 Hand Strap but is specifically made when a KDC400 series scanner is attached to a tablet via SmartSled case. This hand strap, rather than sitting around the wrist, encapsulates the entire hand.