Warehouse Management Scanners

The warehouse is a bustling nerve center for any commercial operation and moving, tracking, and storing huge volumes of inventory quickly and efficiently are critical to success. Designed to work with all major smart devices, the KOAMTAC Data Collector can help any warehouse system boost efficiency and accuracy. This includes meeting the supply chain’s needs and goals as well as improving your bottom line.

The KDC Bluetooth barcode scanners are rugged enough for even the busiest warehouse environments.  They are able to assist with unloading merchandise from the trucks, to the loading docks and onto the floor.

KOAMTAC also sells the lightest and most economical ring scanner on the market today. This means warehouse workers can wear the scanner on their hands with the Finger Trigger Glove accessory, enabling hands-free scanning or around the neck reducing stress and fatigue.

Connect through Bluetooth with any technician’s smartphone or PDA, the KDC provides real-time access to accurate, up-to-date customer information guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

KDCs are currently being used in various field service industries such as pest control, equipment installation, repair, maintenance, and industrial cleaning.

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