Company Profile

KOAMTAC KDC Bluetooth barcode scanners and mobile POS companions are the world’s most compact, yet durable and dependable, data collectors on the market today. KDC HF and UHF readers are fast and long-range RFID readers that feature simultaneous smartphone and tablet charging capability. KOAMTAC products are backed by a team of Class A engineers driven by innovation and excellence to maintain the company’s leadership status in Bluetooth barcode scanning technology.

KOAMTAC was founded in 2002 by engineer and inventor Dr. Hanjin Lee who holds multiple patents in scanning and payment technologies with many more pending. Dr. Lee’s vision was to create a new market in the Barcode, RFID, and Payment worlds with an exciting new product featuring quality and versatility that set it apart from the competition. He made his product universally compatible with all technology platforms –Android, iOS, MacOS, Tizen, and Windows. He also saw the sweet spot in the market that opened up with the explosion of smartphone and tablet usage. This foresight enabled him to position KOAMTAC as the very first company to make Bluetooth barcode scanners compatible with Apple iOS and Samsung Tizen products.

The KOAMTAC mission is simple: to make the best, easy-to-use, competitively-priced Bluetooth barcode scanners to help companies increase productivity, and cut time and costs. The increasing BYOD and IoT trend, wherein companies have employees bring their own devices for work in a completely connected environment, is opening up even more potential for cost savings by pairing KOAMTAC KDCs with employees’ smartphones.

KOAMTAC helps businesses maximize CapEx with the ConvergedScan™ Data Collection Solution, a clever mix of software and hardware based auto-identification products that can be customized for any operation or budget. We can help regardless of which type of device your business implements.

KOAMTAC operates globally with its headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, and a manufacturing facility in Seoul, South Korea. KOAMTAC also operates a solutions center near Milan, Italy, a sales office near Oldenburg, Germany, and a sales office in Tokyo, Japan.

Powerful Partnerships:

KOAMTAC has built an impressive global portfolio and continues to add to its growing list of satisfied clients. Due to non-disclosure agreements we have with those clients, we can’t tell you exactly who they are, but we can tell you that thousands of KOAMTAC KDCs are being used every day in virtually every industry across the globe.


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