KDC480C with SmartSled Case

KDC480 & KDC485 Barcode SmartSled®

Our Most Modular Product Yet

Whether you need to read barcodes or RFID tags this is the KDC for you. The KDC480 and KDC485 are rugged devices with an IP65 rating and are built to last. No matter what type of data you need to collect or how you need to collect it, there is a companion module to get the job done quickly and accurately. Charge your device with our unique charging cases and never miss a minute of productivity.

Attach to ANY Smartphone or Tablet

The KDC480 and KDC485 can be attached to any smart device via a custom case to create a sled scanning solution. This unique modular design allows you to upgrade your smart device without worrying about replacing the entire scanning solution. Your investment in a KDC is protected regardless of upgrades in smartphone and tablet technology.

Barcode Reading

At their base, the KDC480 and KDC485 are superior barcode scanners and are available in various models: 1D Laser, 1D CCD, and 2D Imager, so you can read a variety of barcodes in any industry. The KDC485 offers downward angled scan engines, allowing you to hold your device at level while scanning barcodes at a lower height. Additionally, KDC485 models are available for three different read ranges: standard range (KDC485S/H), medium range (KDC485MR), and extended range (KDC485ER) This provides businesses with the flexibility to choose the best option for their scanning needs, whether it’s scanning up close or from a distance. The KDC connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for easy pairing and reliable data transfers.