KOAMTAC Finger Trigger Glove Wearable Barcode Scanner Ring Scanner Alternative

KDC Finger Trigger Glove

 Wearable Barcode Scanner Accessory for KDC270, KDC280 & KDC350

The Finger Trigger Glove is the lightest, economical, and ergonomic wearable barcode scanning solution on the market. The finger trigger glove enhances the user’s data collection process and does not require an external power source.

An answer to the bulky ring scanners already on the market, the Finger Trigger Glove is made of durable yet lightweight material and provides the extra security of sitting on the entire hand rather than resting on a finger or two. The glove is hardwired into your KDC so you don’t have a spiral wire getting in the way of your scanning and will have no trouble getting a successful read every time.

Gloves are available for the left and right hand.
Sizes include small, medium, and large. For more details regarding sizing, please reference the Finger Trigger Glove Sizing Guide.

Finger Trigger Gloves are available for KDC200, KDC270, KDC280, and KDC350.