Wearable Barcode Scanners

The Finger Trigger Glove and Ring Scanner create wearable barcode scanners when combined with a KDC®scanner. The perfect solution for anyone who requires the use of both hands while scanning, they are both made of durable, yet lightweight, material and are hard-wired directly to your KDC scanner for a guaranteed connection resulting in efficient hands-free scanning and the ease of a Bluetooth® connection to your tablet or smartphone.

The Finger Trigger Glove fits on the entire hand for secure scanning in any environment. Combined with the KDC180, KDC200, KDC270, KDC280, or KDC350 the Finger Trigger Glove is the most versatile wearable barcode scanner on the market.

The Ring Scanner comes with the option to sit on one or two fingers for hands-free scanning. Combined with the KDC180, KDC200, KDC270, or KDC280 this wearable barcode scanner is the lightest and most streamlined ring scanner on the market.