Kyoto University Hospital uses KOAMTAC Scanners for Patient and Medicine Tracking

Kyoto University Hospital Logo

The Kyoto University Hospital is one of Japan’s pre-eminent hospitals, located in the bustling former imperial city. As a teaching hospital, it is constantly investing in human capital and technology to stay at the forefront of today’s healthcare and medical services.

From the moment of diagnosis to the delivery of effective treatments and medicines, caring for the well-being of the patients is the core mission of the hospital and its staff members.

KOAMTAC’s robust, yet compact and ultra-light Bluetooth barcode scanners are the perfect technology partners for healthcare workers fulfilling their duties in patient care at Kyoto University Hospital.

Whether it is tracking the administration of medication, recording visits by medical personnel or monitoring medical equipment, KOAMTAC’s KDC200, KDC300 and the KDC400 line of barcode sleds have all proven to be effective and discreet when utilized in the healthcare setting.

Clinicians can carry the KDC easily around the wrist, or on a retractable cord that can be worn around the neck, and it can even be carried in the pocket. Bedside scanning is quick, easy and accurate, important in the delivery of proper and timely care to make patients and their families more comfortable.